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As we prepare to reopen on Monday 17 th May, we look back over the years and explore what some of London’s top titles have said about Viet Grill.

One of a number of Vietnamese restaurants on Kingsland Road, situated in the heart of Shoreditch, Viet Grill forms part of the ‘Pho Mile’, as this area if often referred. Viet Gril transports you to the heart of Saigon with our laid-back interiors alongside a traditional menu using fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

‘The idea behind Viet Grill and Cay Tre – sister restaurants both owned by Hieu Trung Bui – is simply to bring delicious (and authentic) Vietnamese cuisine to London’ as stated by London Eater. This has always been at the core of Hieu’s mission when running his restaurants that a part of Vietnamese Kitchen.

Viet Grill prides itself on its authenticity, using the best quality ingredients source locally where possible. Bloomberg’s Richard Vines recognised this as our mission ‘for such authentic food, with decent ingredients carefully prepared, it's a winner.’

Our menu has something for everyone, truly traditional recipes using traditional cooking methods. ‘ The food covers the bases nicely – solid pho and cha la lot (minced pork wrapped in a leaf and fried) – but the specials are really where it’s at, so keep a look out for whatever’s on the menu that day’, (Infatuation).

From a menu of well-priced classics, don’t miss the pleasingly plump summer rolls, or the roasted ‘piggy’ aubergines featuring minced pork and nuoc cham (a dip of lime, chilli and fish sauce). Fragrant curries are another highlight, along with dishes finished at the table over a small fire (such as steak in a clay pot with oyster sauce). Add well-considered wines and the arresting cocktail bars and you have a contemporary, cool introduction to Kingsland Road’s Pho Mile from Squaremeal

Of course, the beauty of such a restaurant is hidden in the sheer depth of the menu. Campfire beef, sitting duck curry, slow-cooked Mekong catfish… the next time I go to Viet Grill, I’m bringing my extended family and ordering one of everything. (London Eater)

Whilst situated in a location with many other Vietnamese restaurants, Viet Grill is traditional in it’s approach and for the real foodie crowd. As mentioned in The Handbook guide to 7 of London’s Best Vietnamese Restaurants, they ‘first went to Viet Grill back in 2013 and has been returning ever since. We recommend sitting in, though you can get takeaway too, and tucking into the roasted piggy aubergine, salmon and avocado summer rolls, mighty marbled shaking beef and wokked monkfish and shiitake to name a few of the dishes up for grabs. For groups, Viet Grill’s feasting dishes are great – think chilli lobster, jasmine flower salad, stewed lotus Devon duck, wokked rib-eye steak, salt-baked sea bass and monkfish cheeky curry’. Once our customers try what Viet Grill has to offer, we hope you will recognise it’s respect for traditional and authenticity.

Time Out agrees with this sentiment, ‘The food menu is authentic, with traditional Vietnamese dishes such as summer rolls, five spiced grilled quail and green papaya salads alongside Vietnamese curries, lemongrass chilli chicken and roasted whole mackerel marinated in tumeric, galangal and lemongrass.

The Infatutation cited ‘Viet Grill is all about great Vietnamese food and fun cocktails in stylish surroundings.’ and ‘it’s a great option for groups looking for a lively dinner before hitting the bar on the high street. The upstairs is a little more civilised but still fun’. Whilst The Londonist and The Arubuturian voted Viet Grill as one ‘London’s Best Vietnamese Restaurants in London withLondon stating ‘this acclaimed Shoreditch venue is an ideal place to try the country’s street food’ alongside our sister restaurants Cay Tre.

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As we prepare to reopen on Monday 17 th May, we look back over the years and explore what some of London’s top titles have said about Viet Grill....
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