Bún Chả Hà Nội

Bún chả (Vermicelli with grilled pork chops) 

Bún chả has been a perfect and favourite dish of Hanoi. It was perfect because for a long time, there was no comment about what should be added or not to this dish. Visiting Hanoi without tasting “Bún chả“ is a big miss. For Vietnamese overseas, vermicelli also "swirls" up them as a lullaby.

“Bun” (vermicelli) must be a special vermicelli in Phu Do (Tu Liem). Marinated meats must be sliced in moderation, slightly thick and with enough ingredients: hard, soft, lean and fatty. Meat is marinated with Ke Do fish sauce (Quynh Loi) and then gripped into bamboo sticks or put on grilling basket. It was grilled with charcoal. The sugar content is in the marinated water and in itself the meat is caramelised, scenting up the sweet fragrance. Grilled chops must be below the level of burn and above the well-done level. Dipping sauce requires a strict technique. Must have a right dose, a right level and a little talent. Sauce includes light fish sauce, vinegar, sugar, garlic, pepper and chilli. Sweetness is 1/3 of salinity. The sauce must be slightly thickened so that when combined with papaya or kohlrabi slices, carrots and herbs will not be pale.

Grill meat is fragrant, delicious, soft. Vegetable & herb are fresh, kohlrabi and carrots are crispy, plus the sourness of vinegar, salty of salt, spicy of pepper & chilli, sweet acrid taste of herbs with the greasy taste of meat. All combined into an attractive culinary concert.

Bún chả has become a typical dish of Hanoi people. When coming to Hanoi, it is easy to find Ha Noi Bún chả restaurant growing like mushrooms from the small alleys or big streets. However, it is not easy to find a restaurant wining over the majority of customers, even the most difficult people.

Nem Rán (Spring Roll)

The origin of fried spring rolls is in Saigon, specifically in Thu Duc. Initially, it came to Hanoi in a simple form and content, but the Hanoi people captured its gift, loved it, developed it and improved it to serve gourmets. Then they named it “Nem Saigon”. The Ha Noi people give it a lot of things: wood ear mushroom, fragrant mushroom, vermicelli, fresh duck eggs, spring onions and kohlrabi slices. Fried spring rolls made with pork are called pork spring rolls, with chicken meat are called chicken spring rolls and with crab meat are called crab spring rolls. The rolls are wrapped in a thin rice paper and fried. Fried spring rolls are crispy yellow, meaning that it turns into dark gold but is not burnt. It should be eaten with dipping sauce including delicious fish sauce, vinegar, fresh chilli, sugar.

Serve with lettuce, herbs and slices of raw kohlrabi. There are two types of herbs for Bún chả. The feminine type is the basil, the marjoram. The masculine type is the coriander, the stalk of the morning glory, the perilla.

So people say: "The spring rolls are full of nine, ten flavours". Delicious but not bored. Eating a lot is not a problem. The day before eating it, the next day still delicious. It is luxurious but popular. Westerners call it “le nem”. In 1940 - 1941 in Hàng Quạt street in Hanoi, there was Tế Mỹ spring rolls restaurant, which was famous all over the country and abroad.

In 1952, fried spring rolls were awarded a large international award for culinary arts in Prague (Czechoslovakia). It is currently present in the menu of many hotels in Europe, America, Asia ...

Bún chả - Nem rán (Vermicelli with grilled pork chops & fried spring rolls)

Nowadays, Bún chả with fried spring rolls is a popular and loved by many people. The combination of “bún chả” with crispy fried spring rolls served with raw vegetables creates an attractive dish, in the family can be eaten daily at noon or evening to improve or change the menu for meals. And most of the Bún chả restaurants in Hanoi today have a combination of bún chả and spring rolls to serve customers, both to enjoy and to help fill the stomach instead of daily meals. This can be considered as an attractive dish that tourists love when visiting Hanoi.

Bún Vermicelli Bowl at Viet Grill

Bún chả (Vermicelli with grilled pork chops) 

Each bowl contains soft room temperature vermicelli rice noodles, fresh herb, crunchy carrot and mooki daikon, crisp lettuce and a hot topping of your choice garnished with roast peanuts and fried shallots.

Indulge in some Vietnamese treats and transport yourself out of the cold and into the tropical sunshine. Find out more our fantastic Viet Grill Menu. Why not try our Bún Chả today? Order now via Deliveroo and get it within 30 mins. Enjoy!

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Bún Chả Hà Nội

Bún chả (Vermicelli with grilled pork chops)  Bún chả has been a perfect and favourite dish of Hanoi. It was perfect because for a long time,...
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